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Greoh Studios is a film and tv production house founded by Jade Osiberu with a focus on showcasing fresh voices telling African stories.
Lagos, Nigeria
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A Tunde Kelani Film
ÀYÌNLÁ is a film directed by the iconic Tunde Kelani and produced by Jade Osiberu. The collaboration between TKOpomulero and Greoh Studios is one of a kind. The film was released in cinemas in June 18.

Sugar Rush

A film by Kayode Kasum
The Sugar Sisters find themselves in a lot of trouble after they make away with the sum of $800,000 they found at the house of a dead politician. 


A film by Jade Osiberu
Single at 34, Isoken is maneuvered by her mother toward a relationship with a black entrepreneur but finds herself drawn to a white photojournalist.