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Greoh Studios is a film and tv production house founded by Jade Osiberu with a focus on showcasing fresh voices telling African stories.
Lagos, Nigeria
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A Spectacular Short

A film by Jade Osiberu
A spectacular short film by Jade Osiberu was shot in the busy urban area of Lagos, Nigeria and is an epic story of love, lust and greed. 

The Crew That Loved Me

A film by Kayode Kasum
The Crew That Loved Me is a totally made up short film whose title is a mashup of the idea of a crew and one of the popular Bond movies. Take that, Lorem Ipsum! 

Another Adesua Flick

A film by Isoken George
As you can see, this movie is set in a dark area and features lots of tired looking crew members with star girl, Adesua Wellington.